"How to" – translation in Betania

In Betania we offer translation from Norwegian to English for those who need. We want to be a church where everyone can feel welcome, also exchange students and others who are in town and do not speak Norwegian.

We use an app called "AudioFetch", where everyone can use their own phone to hear the translation. Here follows a short "how to" on how to connect to the system and get access to the translation of the meetings:

  • Download the app ""AudioFetch"
  • Bring your phone and your own headset to Betania
  • When you come to Betania, connect to the Wifi "AudioFetch Express"
  • Open the app "AudioFetch", and you should hear the translator.
  • OBS: If the app doesn´t connect to the correct network it will enter its demo-mode where you won´t hear what is being translated.
    • Then close the app, make sure you are connected to the correct network and open the app again.
  • The router of the network is placed by the mixer in the back of the hall, and doesn´t have the best range. Therefore, it is good to sit I the vicinity of the mixer during the meeting.
  • If you are here for the first time, it is nice to speak to the meeting hosts that wish you welcome at the door, so they can guide you to the translator of the meeting to make sure that we know that you are there and that you are connected properly.


We wish you welcome to Betania, and hope that you will find our translating useful!

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